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With so many amazing things to do in every corner of New Zealand and new experiences popping up all the time, it’s pretty hard to capture everything in one list!

If your favourite must-do for Kiwis is missing, let us know using the suggestion form below and we'll make sure it's not forgotten next time.

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Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

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profile-picture Abigail Packer Love it, sun, seals, superb swimming
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  • 7.3
profile-picture Kerri Bainbridge Great experience for all the family
  • Rating
  • 7.4
profile-picture Kerri Bainbridge Great wines and pizzas
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  • 7.7
profile-picture Patricia Hammond Take the journey over the Taka Hill and stay a few days/ or even a week or more - and enjoy the fabulous scenery, birdlife, and quietness of the Kahurangi National Park. Plenty of walks, delightful streams, and the sound of nature. Return over the hill to the chaos!!!
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  • 7.5
profile-picture Teresa Quirke Collins This is a wonderful pristine and unique part of NZ.....and you can almost see Australia!
profile-picture Helen Gowland Love this trip and feel like it's at the end of the world.

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