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With so many amazing things to do in every corner of New Zealand and new experiences popping up all the time, it’s pretty hard to capture everything in one list!

If your favourite must-do for Kiwis is missing, let us know using the suggestion form below and we'll make sure it's not forgotten next time.

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  • 7.5
profile-picture Ereti Maxine Pohatu A must do for families. Children will have a great time and Mum and Dad will also have some thrills.
profile-picture Sally Field Stunning views
profile-picture Sergey Larin I like it.It gives me chills and thrills.
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  • 8.0
profile-picture Elisha J Sehgal Soo cool!!!
  • Rating
  • 8.3
profile-picture Christine Oliver An unforgettable experience!
profile-picture Liana Joseph My boyfriend discovered a huge heart shaped rock from here, love this place!
profile-picture Elisha J Sehgal All my friends have said great thing about you, I would love to visit you guys one day!
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