Plan your Trip!

There's just something about looking forward to a road trip that gets your motor revving.

And to ensure you have everything you need to really switch-off from everyday life and into holiday mode, it's always good to have a plan. We're all about inspiring people, and we're here to help get your wheels in motion - so come on and get planning!

Step 1 Dream a Little Dream

Decide which kind of holiday you want to have. Are you a keen golfer, someone looking to relax at a resort and spa? Do you want to tear it up on the ski slopes, lounge on the beach, or pitch a tent with the family? Once you decide which type of holiday you're aiming for, you can start your planning in earnest.

Make a plan. Which vacation spots, cities or resorts do you want to visit along the way before you reach your end point? Researching the hidden gems that line your route will help make your trip an experience to last a lifetime. Whatever your end destination, a little planning goes a long way - so does a little dreaming.

Step 2 Do your Homework

Grab some regional guides, maps and info packs on your destination. Figure out where things like kid-friendly parks and public toilets are along the way (these are very important when travelling with little bladders). Head to your local i-SITE or AA Centre for all the inside info.

Book accommodation/camp sites ahead of time. This is especially true for busy seasons (think school holidays, festivals and 3-day weekends). Booking ahead is the smart thing to do if you're heading to a popular area.

Start getting amped up for fun and adventure! From theme parks to museums to restaurants and beaches, getting excited about possible adventures is half the fun.

Step 3 Getting the Wheels in Motion

Once you've got your dates firmed up for when you'll be away, ask a friend or family member to check in on things at home while you're gone. Have them water the plants and check in on the house.

If you're planning on being gone more than 3 days, it's a good idea to phone the post office and have them stop delivery until you're back. A build-up of mail is a sure sign that you're not home - better to not tempt fate with no-good burglars.

Make arrangements for your pets. Fluffy and Fido will not be happy if they're left unfed and unwatered for a week. Have someone you trust check in on them and feed them daily, or book them their own mini-holiday away as well!

Step 4 The Final Countdown

Remind friends/family of when you will be gone. Set light timers to make it seem as if someone is home. Be sure to leave emergency contact information with friends or relatives - just in case you're needed urgently. Better safe than sorry.

Pick up any necessities such as prescription medicine that you'll need for the duration of your trip. This seems like a no-brainer... but you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget daily necessities when planning a trip away!

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