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Internet Terms

What some of the Internet jargon means.

Site Security

This website uses leading industry Encryption Technology - Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and holds a Verisign Authentication Certificate. Verisign is recognised as one of the world's leading online security services helping thousands of businesses and millions of customers across the world to connect, communicate, and transact with confidence.

This security means that you can enter your personal information and credit card details with the confidence that your details are securely protected.

Whilst the risk of email and internet site transactions being intercepted or decoded is almost non existent, all communications sent electronically are done so at the user's risk.

Speed and Performance on the Internet

There are various aspects of the Internet that may affect your viewing of

  1. The performance and configuration of the computer and modem used to access the Internet.

    Often an older computer or modem will cause the user to experience difficulty when accessing the Internet. Computers with a speed of 266 Mhz or more and modems with a speed of 56 Kbps are recommended. The connection between the user and the Internet Service Provider is often made on local copper telephone wire circuits. Faults on telephone lines can be the cause of degraded service.

    The vendor of the computer system or the telephone line company may be able to help with these issues.

  2. Email or browser program problems.

    Configuration of software can be the cause of unsatisfactory user experiences. Regardless of the brand name of the software, configuration issues are common.

    The vendor of the computer system or the software company may be able to help with these issues.

  3. The performance of the Internet Service Provider used to access the Internet.

    Many Internet Service Providers experience peak traffic loads or failures on their networks, often trying again after an hour or two can result in a better user experience.

    The Internet Service Provider may be able to help with these issues.

  4. The performance of the Internet in general.

    Whilst the Internet is huge and has seemingly limitless capacity, various events can cause slow or failed service on the Internet. Examples are: live "netcasts" of rock concerts, sporting events, catastrophes or natural disasters. All of these can result in extraordinary traffic levels and delays. Network failure in parts of the Internet can also cause performance issues.


Should errors occur when using and these errors are not related to the contents of the Speed and Performance section above, please contact the webteam. Every endeavour will be made to address errors and problems in a timely manner. Whilst is a 24/7 internet site, resolution of technical problems can take longer than 24 hours.