Featured events around New Zealand

Gibbston Valley Life is a Cabaret! Wednesday, 3 September

Gibbston Valley Life is a Cabaret! This year we are returning to the Skyline for a night of great food and entertainment. Enjoy a complimentary drink on arrival at the bottom of the gondola and then be whisked ... read more »

Skyline Gondola, Restaurant & Luge | Festivals
SODA Ignite Workshop Series Wednesday, 3 September

SODA Ignite Workshop Series Validate Your Market. Learn how to refine your business solution to profitably respond to validated customers’ problems. Stop wasting time, effort and money! Build and ... read more »

SODA | Business & Professional
Market Validation Workshop Wednesday, 3 September

Market Validation Workshop Participate in a unique 3.5 hour SODA Ignite workshop that will change the way you explore and validate new business ideas using The Validation Board. Too many startups begin ... read more »

SODA | Business & Professional
The Merchant Wednesday, 3 September

The Merchant Black Friars Theatre Company presents William Shakespeare's Merchant. The pound of flesh is mine Blood - Flesh - Mercy Set in the vibrant hub of Mangere markets, the Merchant ... read more »

Mangere Arts Centre - Ngā Tohu o Uenuku | Theatre
Zirka Circus Tuesday, 2 September

Zirka Circus Zirka Circus is proud to bring you its 3rd tour of New Zealand! Our new show "Send in the Clowns!" is funnier and better than ever before. Yes, we still have amazing, awe ... read more »

Lindvart Park | Family Entertainment
Harvey by Mary Chase Wednesday, 3 September

Harvey by Mary Chase When Elwood P Dowd introduces his imaginary friend, Harvey, a six-foot one -and-inch white rabbit, to guests at a society, his sister Veta, has seen as much of his eccentric ... read more »

Theatre Pitt | Theatre

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